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Great value from RentCleva

We’re not like other rental companies. Why? Well, with RentCleva you get:

12 month rental terms
and zero deposit

Payment via Centrepay
and direct debit

To sign your agreement

A quick and easy online

Free delivery

Fast customer service
5 days a week

Low fortnightly payments

No hidden fees

Manage your payments with Centrepay

We offer easy payment options including Centrepay. Centrepay is a voluntary bill-paying service that is free for Centrelink customers. Use Centrepay to arrange regular Deductions from your Centrelink payment. You can start or change a Deduction at any time. The quickest way to do it is through your Centrelink account online.

Why wait? With RentCleva you can rent the latest iPad, smart phone or TV today

RentCleva makes renting the things you want quicker and easier. Our application process is super quick and straightforward – just follow these three simple steps:

Step 4: Buy

Yes, we know we said there were just three steps, but the great thing about RentCleva is that after just 12 months you have the chance to buy your item.

How does it work? A few weeks before your 12 months are up, you'll get an email from us to let you know that your agreement is coming to an end. We'll also let you know what your options are, including how to make an offer to purchase. You can present us with an offer to buy the item - it can be as low as $1 - and if accepted, you get to keep your item forever.

Want to know more?

Check out our How it works, or FAQs for more information.